August 2014 Small Spaces!

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Simplicity Sofas – Floor Planning for Your Small Space

 In our August newsletter we talked about a few floor plans for small spaces, here are a few more ideas that we hope will help you decided.

Remember, if you send us your room measurements and few other helpful items, we will be happy to sketch out a floor plan to show you how our pieces will fit in your space and we do it all for FREE!

There are a few free floor planner websites that you can use, but they will most likely only feature larger scale furniture.

A few things to remember when deciding on furniture pieces and placement:

Hallways – need 4’

Route where two people can pass each other

Conversation area 8’ to 12’

Seating for minimum of 4 (most 4-6)

Most sofas will be 36” and deeper and 84” wide

(Example Simplicity Sofas are 34” deep and up to 80” wide)

Coffee Tables 30”w c 48”L

End Tables 24” x 24” & 24”w x 28L

 Mid-Size sofa faces the TV, dining area is to left of sofa.  This is a nice seating area for conversations, but could use another chair.

August blog 1

This floor plan is great for a corner fireplace (which can give most a major headache) two Mid-Size or Apartment sofas on an angle.  Another great piece would be a sectional.

August blog 2

August blog 3

Here we have two Full Size sofas and a chair, small coffee table or large storage ottoman as a coffee table.  TV is above the fireplace.  The area rug defines the space.

August blog 4

July 2014

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The Right Size Sofa for You & Your Space
You go out to find your new sofa, once at the store you see something you like, order it, when it gets delivered it won’t fit through the door, elevator, hallway or stairway.
If you’re lucky, the furniture store will take it back and you’re told to go home and measure. If they won’t take it back you’re stuck with it, maybe you can cut it up and try to put it back together? Don’t laugh, many customers have told me they had to do this. They decided to just give it away.

Doorway: Knowing the height and width of the door will help you to know whether the sofa will fit through.• Measure the height (H) and width (W) from the top left or right to the opposite bottom corner
• Ensure there is a clear and unobstructed path around the doorway
• Take into account any fixtures and fittings and immovable objects such as gas meters and radiators
• If the depth of your sofa is greater than the width of your door then you may be able to get the sofa through at an angle. Measure the diagonal depth of the sofa, which needs to be smaller than the width of the door. Please see the section ‘How do I measure my sofa?’ for how to measure the diagonal depth.
Hallway : Measure the distance (L) between the access wall in the hallway and the interior wall in the room where the sofa will be placed. This must be greater than the width of the sofa
For tight corners, it may be easier to stand the sofa upright so you should measure the ceiling height. This needs to be greater than the diagonal height (DH) of the sofa, so as to avoid catching the ceiling

Stairwells: Measure the height (H), width (W) and depth (D) of the stairwell to allow turning on the stairs
Take into account that different floors may have different stairwell heights and note if there are any doors or turns in the stairwell

This is a lot to measure!
We have the answer and there is NO need for those instructions!

We hear about so many people who have downsized or small beach homes and can’t find sofas, sectionals or pull out sofa beds that can easily fit their doorway let alone their space. Another problem was the beach house with LOTS of steps! The great design of our sofas is that they come unassembled. Don’t let that scare you, all you do is screw the legs on, attach the arms and tighten by hand, yes by hand NO TOOLS, then the back flips up, locks into the arms.
Throw on your cushions and about 15 minutes from start to finish ENJOY!

Now you can fit a full size sofa, sectional, or pull out sofa bed without the headaches! It’s as simple as 1, 2, and 3!

Assembly_Step1 (640x480)Asssembly_step 2 (640x480) (3)Asssembly_step 3 (640x480) (1)Assembly_Complete (640x480)

So, that is why it is so easy to get any of our sofas, sectionals and sofa beds in those problem areas.

Our monthly newsletter talked about the various sizes of sofas and sectionals so I wanted to talk about pull out sofa beds, space planning, and options.
You no longer need to settle for a something you don’t want or something that is uncomfortable.
If you do not receive our monthly newsletter you can sign up at

Do you need that extra sleeping space for guests?
Our Pull Out Sofa Beds can even fit through an opening of 16” and NO tools are required for assembly as well!

Timothy Room Shot (800x584)Jpeg Timothy Open Room Low Res

Timothy Collection – Available in Queen or Full Size Mattress
Queen Size 74”w x 34”d x 37”h Mattress 60” x 72” (short queen)
Full Size 67”w x 34”d x 37”h Mattress 52” x 72”

Christy Open Room Low ResChristy Low Res

Christy Collection – Available in Queen and Full Size Mattress
Queen Size 78”w x 34”d x 35”h Mattress 60” x 72” (short queen)
Full Size 72”w x 34”d x 35”h Mattress 52” x 72”

Sofa Beds have a hybrid mattress, the mattress has about 3 inches of foam and another 3 inch air chamber (best of both worlds) and it rests on a trampoline type material and has NO MIDDLE BARS to hit you in the back!
If you don’t want a tradional pull out sofa we have the Endura Ease Air Sleep System which is great for those that rarely have guests. It folds up and stores in a closet and uses standard queen sheets.

Endura Ease Air Sleep System:
The EnduraEase is an innovative air sleep system that turns any of our 3-seat full-size sofas or 2 seat mid-size sofas into a luxurious guest bed. Our sleeper sofas offer your guests a great night’s rest and will measure 89 x 60 x 20 on our full and mid-size sofas when inflated. This remarkable queen size air bed mattress comes with its own electric air pump that inflates in 3 minutes and stores away in minutes with no tools required.



Space planning can be a headache, and so many people think a sofa and loveseat or chair would work best in their space because all they ever see are oversized sofas and sectionals. In many rooms a small sectional works better than a sofa and loveseat or chair even though you may think you don’t have room. In narrow rooms the sectional actually takes up less space and can give you more seating.
A lot also depends on what you have to work with in the room, fireplace, hallways, low windows, heat vents, etc. If you’re looking for a sofa to put in your RV or boat we can help with that too.
What about color and fabric types, we can help you to pick out the right colors for your space as well as help with fabric types. Pick out what type of fabric best fits your needs isn’t always that easy. Pets, kids, sunlight, moisture and many other issues need to be factored in.
If you’re not sure what size sofa best fits you and your space , need help with arm styles, not sure what colors best match your walls, rugs, drapes, and other pieces or not sure which fabric works best for your needs? We are happy to assist you with space planning, so feel free to email or call us.

Because we have several sofa sizes, and a sectional that can be made small or extremely large gives you many ways to furnish your space so that it is spacious, comfortable and have lots of appeal.


Styles: Bullnose, Bullnose T-Cushion, Boxed, Boxed T-Cushion
Construction: Standard 1.8 density Ultracel foam cushions with a 5 year warranty
or our upgraded 2.5 density Ultracel Foam and our Spring Down both with lifetime warranties.
Over 250 in stock fabrics and we also use COM (Customer Own Material)
Cottons, Microfibers, Cotton/Linen, many to choose from!
If you want to change the color of your sofa from summer to winter you can do it. Pick the fabric you want your sofa upholstered in and then pick a fabric for your slipcover. When you remove the slipcover you still have a fully upholstered sofa!
It looks like we covered it all, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

Welcome to our June 2014 blog

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Simplicity Sofas on How to Choose the Right Fabric Type

When shopping for fabrics, you’ll find a vast array of different patterns, textures, abrasion factor and fiber contents to select from. But your choice will come down to two basic fabric types: natural fabrics and man-made fabrics. We talked about most of our options in our newsletter, but here is a couple more.


One of the most significant innovations in fabric technology in recent years is the advent of “Microfibers”.  When microfibers are used for home decor, the term “microfiber” is often used interchangeably with “microsuede” but there are some differences.

They come in a wide variety of colors and textures..  They drape beautifully and are soft and washable – perfect for almost any room in your home. These are my favorite!

Altima_Latte  Carlyle_Wedgewood  Fairview_Cashew  Geo_Sterling

Altima Latte                   Carlyle Wedgewood            Fairview Cashew             Geo Stirling
Nylon Microfiber              Polyester                          Nylon Microfiber              Microdenier
(Kid-Proof)                                                                        (Kid-Proof)

Textured Microfibers

Twillo_BlazeRed     Twillo_Marine    Pippa-Navy

Twillo Blaze Red                     Twillo Marine                       Pippa Navy
(Pet-Friendly)                         (Pet-Friendly)                      (Kid-Proof)

What is Microfiber

Microfibers a rapidly growing category of fabrics. The term “Microfiber” is short for “Microdenier” fiber, which are ultrafine fibers that are less than 1 denier in size. Most micofibers are finer than the most delicate traditional silk fibers. In fact, microfibers are approximately 100 times finer than human hair!!!

Microfiber Fabrics can consist of polyester, nylon, rayon, acetate or a combination of those fibers and can be made to resemble many traditional fabrics including silks, suedes, twill or duck (denim-like) and more.

Microfiber versus Microsuede

One of the first Microfiber fabrics in 1980′s was “Ultrasuede”. Since then many companies have developed microsuede fabrics. Microsuedes are usually 100% polyester and look like suede.


Montana_Buff MacroSuede_Magenta Montana_Navy Vevi_Suede_Celery

Montana Buff                Macrosuede Magenta           Montana Navy         Vevi Suede Celery

Advantages of Microfiber Fabrics

Since they are very fine, microfibers can be tightly woven or knit into a very high quality fabric. The denseness of the fibers in the fabric leads to many desirable characteristics.

Microfibers are usually:

Very Drapeable yet not flimsy;
Soft with a luxurious hand;
Washable, dry cleanable;
High Strength (except Rayon)
Water Resistant (water tends to bead up and run off);
More “Breathable” than Similar Fabrics made from traditional materials;
Opaque (you usually can’t see through them);
Resist “Pilling” and Clinging;
Fade Resistant (take and hold dye well)
Lighter in weight than Similar “Traditional” Fabrics yet stronger and more durable



La Jolla Platinum

Acrylic: resists wear, lightweight

Developed as imitation wool, acrylic resists wrinkling, soiling and fading. Low-quality acrylic may tend to pill excessively in high-wear situations. Better-quality acrylics are manufactured to resist pilling. (Sunbrella is a good example of acrylic durability.)

What Is a Fabric Grade?

You may have to decide on a fabric grade. Fabric grades typically range from “1” on the less expensive end, to “6”  (or “A” – “F”)on the pricey side.  Depending on the manufacturer, the grade of the fabric can vary.  Intricacy of the weave, fiber content, construction and performance are all variables. But it’s important to note that grade is NOT an indication of quality or durability. It’s just an indicator of how expensive the fabric was to make. The trick is to read the details on the fabric card attached to the swatch and to make your decision accordingly.


Easy to care for and less expensive than leather. Vinyl is a practical choice for busy family rooms and children’s furniture. There are many vinyl fabrics now that look and feel like leather.

May 2014

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May 2014
Decorating with Flea Market Finds

Many of us have that little bit of the DIY in us as well as a good imagination. By using our time and a little effort, we can change just about anything old into something new that looks great for just a few dollars.

Here are a few ideas:
Paint and some square mirrors transformed this old end table.

end table before end table after

Before                                                                     After

old buckets

Just by putting a set of three and some baby’s breath gives these old buckets new life.

Here’s an old TV cabinet transformed into a cute secretary. – Southern living

Before n after secretary

chair before and after

Faux bamboo chair had caning in disrepair. Reupholstered seat with a skirt and a new upholstered back turned this into a cute little chair. – Southern living

Barrel back chair had water damage and split wood at the seams, even with all that it had an airy feel. With some patching and repairing of the frame, some creamy white paint and new velvet fabric makes this a great accent. – Southern Living


This rocker was in a pile to be set on fire. It was made of good solid wood and just needed a home. New paint and upholstery turned this from trash to a little girl’s treasure in her cottage style bedroom. – Lisa’s Creative Designs

Old rockers

I love this one!
Turn an antique dresser into a bathroom vanity!

dresser to vanity ant dresser to vanity


An old mirror, bottles and statue with a few accessories makes this a soft and peaceful mantel. Add some shells & coral for a great beach house look!

Old mirror and accessories

April 2014

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Simplicity Sofas Talks Spring!
Let’s brighten up our spaces for spring and summer!
In our April newsletter we talked about adding slipcovers, changing out your throw pillows, curtains and area rugs to brighten up our space. Here are a few more ideas that can make a difference.
Have a fireplace? Clean it out and put a vase with flowers or candles in it.

firescreenbrickfernsoliving[1]  firescreencolorfulbhg[1]  51afae6374c5b60f450006d0._w.540_s.fit_[1]

Put away the fireplace tools and wood carriers and add plants, flowers or even candles to brighten that dark space.

You can add a colorful fireplace screen, you can purchase one or make one out of old interior window shutters or window. You can just paint it white or if you’re crafty paint some flowers or plants on it.

painted fireplace screen  fireplace screen with shutters  fireplace screen with old window


Pinterest has lots of DIY ideas on these.

Bring in some cut flowers or even branches, put them in a vase and you have a fresh spring look.

vase with fresh cut branches vase with fresh cut branches 2

Rearrange the furniture and swap pieces from other rooms.
Swap out your picture frames for a white, cream or natural color. If you don’t want to swap out the frames, change out the picture mat. Rearrange your bookshelves.
A little spring cleaning and maybe freshen up the paint and you have a new room, ready for spring and summer!

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