Redesigning your small space

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Redesigning your small space

Now that the holidays are over and all the decorations are put away it’s time to redesign your space.  It could be as simple as just rearranging your furniture.

Stand back and take a good look at the room, does it have a focal point?  That could be a fireplace, wall of windows or an entertainment wall.

You want to arrange the furniture so that you’re facing that focal point.

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You want that to be the first thing people notice when they enter the room. You also want to arrange the sofa(s) and chairs so that it draws you into the room.

Arranging the furniture as a conversation area as above makes it for a more comfortable feel, no one wants to feel they’re sitting across the room from you.



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Don’t forget about your walls
How about an accent color on one wall or part of a wall?

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slipcovers6 (1)Slipcovered sofa and chairs

You can change the look of your sofa and chairs with slipcovers (Simplicity Sofas has custom fitted slipcovers for all of our pieces) or change out your throw pillows and area rug. Throw pillows are inexpensive and can make a big impact.
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