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Sofas, Sectionals and Sleepers for Small & Tight Spaces
Did you ever know someone who ran into this problem?Newsletter March 2014 pics big sofa small room Sofa-too-big

How about this problem?

Newsletter March 2014 pics 4 narrow stairs Narrow stairway2Attic Stairway

Ever try getting a sofa let alone a sleeper up or down these staircases?

Big sofa small stairs  Ever have this problem?

And this problem?

big sofa thru balcony Sofa on lift for window Sofa through window

I have heard from so many customers about these problems and we were able to help them all. One customer sat on a chair for two years because she was unable to get a sofa into her apartment. Another finished her basement and realized she could not get any sofas down the stairs. Her contractor told her he would break open a wall for her to put in a sofa and would reseal it when she was done. More money to be spent and she would have to do it all over again if she ever decided to change her sofa! You can pay someone $500 or more to take apart your sofa and then put it back together. The problem is that the sofa was not meant to be taken apart and will never be the same as when you purchased it.
When purchasing a sofa (especially in areas like NYC) the sales representative should really ask: How wide is your doorway? Do you have narrow or spiral stairway? Do you have an elevator?
Once you make that purchase and they try to deliver it sometimes it’s too late. Some companies will not take back the product, and others will charge you a restocking fee.
I love it when a customer calls and tells me I AM SO GLAD I FOUND YOU!
Simplicity Sofas was designed to fit in an opening of 15” or wider and easy assembly or dis-assembly without any tools in 15 minutes.

Assembly_step_1 (640x480)   Assembly_step2 (640x480)    Assembly_step 3 (640x480)


 Step 1                           Step 2                                      Step 3                 Screw on legs       Insert arms/tighten 3 prong knobs    Lift and attach back                      



Asssembly_step 4 (640x480)                                                        Assembly_Complete (640x480)

Step 4                                   Relax and Enjoy!

Lock in back to arms

Check out our video of an 8 yr. old boy assembling a sofa in less than 5 minutes.
Simplicity Sofas has Sofas in three sizes, Sectionals, Pull out Sleepers and Chairs for Small & Tight Spaces
Sofas are shipped in 3 boxes from our manufacturing facility in High Point, NC via UPS Freight to your home or to your RV in your favorite campground.

RV Ships to your Campsite 2

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