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In November, 2007, a few weeks before our current recession began, Simplicity Sofas opened its factory doors with No sales, No backlog and No commitments and a brand new product that nobody had ever heard of.  In the recession the furniture industry has been one of the hardest hit sectors of the economy.  Hundreds of well known companies closed down or moved overseas.  Small furniture businesses were particularly hard hit.  Defying these industry statistics, Simplicity Sofas has grown quickly and profitably. The company has never taken a loan and has no debt.

This year we are on target to hit $1 million in sales. That may not seem like much to other manufacturers who can sell more than that in a single order to a large retailer.  Simplicity Sofas, however, does not sell to retailers, wholesalers or distributors. Every order is shipped direct to an individual consumer. That’s nearly 800 individual orders annually.

The most important part of our phenomenal success in this harsh economic environment is the loyalty and enthusiasm of our customers.  There are hundreds of testimonials about our products and service on blogs and other web sites. We are also extremely proud that we have now shipped our furniture to more than 1500 individual customers over more than 3 years and have never received a negative review.  That does not mean our customers never have any complaints or problems.  It does mean that when there is a complaint or problem we take care of it.

We are very proud of our furniture. We design it, we build it, we sell it and we service it. There is nothing like our furniture or our customer service anywhere else in the world.

Simplicity Sofas is an Innovator.  Our furniture, our marketing and our approach to customer service are all unique and revolutionary for the furniture industry. We constantly surprise our customers by going far beyond what they expect from a furniture company.

In this challenging economic environment, Simplicity Sofas has continued to grow rapidly by adhering to 3 basic principles: Innovation, Quality, and Extreme Customer Service.

Innovative Furniture Designs


1.    Simplicity Sofas designs and constructs all of its own furniture in High Point, NC. Every piece we make is one-of-a-kind built specifically for each individual customer.  They are original designs produced by Simplicity Sofas and they are not available through any other factory or retailer.  Everything we make is unique and patent protected.

2.   We are constantly adding new designs and features based upon our customers’ requests.  Since opening, we have introduced sectionals, smaller scale sofas, upgraded frames, cushions and fabrics, slipcovers, air bed sleeper systems and many other special order options.

3.    All of our furniture is designed to fit through any door, stairway, hall, elevator, RV or boat with an entrance width of 15” or more.  Our sectional needs only 8” of clearance and was designed in response to the only customer in our history whose stairway was unable to fit one of our sofas.

4.  We make hard-to-find small scale sofas and sectionals designed for small rooms and apartments, in addition to larger scale furniture.

5.    Simplicity Sofas furniture is far simpler and easier to assemble than any other RTA (Ready to Assemble) fully upholstered furniture made anywhere in the world.  Go to the home page of our website to view a YouTube video of an 8 year old boy putting together one of our large sofas in less than 5 minutes. (Adults working alone usually take about 15 minutes for their first assembly. Two first timers working together can easily assemble our sofas in less than 10 minutes.  Disassembly can be completed in about half the time.)

Quality Construction

1.    Quality begins with the people who build the furniture. All Simplicity Sofas upholsterers have more than 20 years experience with high end North Carolina furniture manufacturers. Our cutters and sewers all have 10-20 years experience.

2.    All of our furniture is bench-made the old fashioned way, one piece at a time by skilled craftspeople. We do not mass produce our furniture on assembly lines using low cost labor the way it is done in certain “other” countries.

3.    Frames are constructed with solid oak lumber and are corner-blocked, glued, doweled and stapled. Occasionally our supplier has a shortage of oak and we are forced to use alternative hard woods like maple or ash temporarily but over 90% of the furniture we have built includes solid oak frames. We do not use any particle board, pressed wood or chipcore.  Plywood is used only in a very few applications.*

*A single non-load-bearing plywood component is used in the Jenna and Adam style arms to improve the tailoring of the wide curves. The sectional base is plywood.  The precision required in the construction of this item meant that a computerized CNC router was required.  The CNC router does not work with solid wood. The arms and back of the sectional are solid oak.

4.    We offer a choice of 8” thick premium grade Ultracel® foam and optional Spring-down cushions.  Both types of cushions come with a lifetime warranty. Most manufacturers in our price range offer only 6″ thick polyurethane foam cushions with a 1 year warranty.

5.    We offer more than 150 in-stock fabrics at various price ranges.  Most have been selected for their durability and/or cleanability. Additional fabric choices or C.O.M. (Customer’s Own Material) are also available. New fabric selections are constantly being added.

6.    The spring system used is a Permolator which we buy from the Flexolator unit of Leggett & Platt, the world’s largest supplier of seating support systems.  This system consists of a steel frame with a coated wire grid supported by helical coils. While this is not the most expensive system available we use it for two reasons.  First, it has the flattest profile of any spring system available which is necessary to accommodate our easy assembly mechanisms, and second it is a very reliable support unit and is covered under our lifetime frame warranty.

Extreme Customer Service

1.  The revolutionary Simplicity Sofas warranties are the simplest and most protective in the furniture industry. What makes them revolutionary? They are designed exclusively to protect our customers, not our company. All frames and cushions are covered by lifetime warranties. Everything else is covered by a very simple warranty statement that is completely revolutionary to the furniture industry.

If you do not like our furniture for any reason whatsoever you may return it to us for a full refund including shipping charges for a period of 1 year after purchase.

2.  Unlike all other furniture warranties there is no small print with exceptions, exclusions, documentation requirements, or anything else designed to protect the company against our customers.

3.  Some of our customers never get to see our “extreme customer service.” They place their orders on our website. They don’t call with any questions. Everything goes smoothly and they get their furniture delivered without any problems. Most retailers would consider that top of the line customer service.  We are actually disappointed because those customers have only seen the tip of our customer service.   The more our customers ask of us the more likely they are to understand why Simplicity Sofas has been recognized nationally as having the best customer service in the furniture industry.

4.  Furniture retailers look very closely at the cost of customer service. Basically, they try to spend as little money as the customer will let them get away with. That is not the way Simplicity Sofas operates. To us, customer service is not a cost. It is a revenue producer. Customers who experience our “extreme customer service” spread the word about their experiences and create new customers for us.

5.  What is “extreme customer service?”  It begins with attempting to amaze our customers by providing a level of personal service that they have never before seen or heard of from a furniture company. Questions are answered quickly and in great detail, so that our customers learn about product construction, company operations and industry practices that no other furniture company takes the time to explain.  We love to hear from our customers and to respond to them.  It is not unusual for us to exchange 20 or more communications by the time a customer’s order has been delivered.

We like to surprise our customers.  It is very common for them to comment that our furniture is much better in quality, looks and comfort than what they had expected to receive.  They are always amazed at how simple and enjoyable it is to ask questions and receive honest answers.  When our customers are particularly nice sometimes they will find a surprise gift included with their order.

When a customer has a problem, we do whatever it takes to make that customer not only satisfied, but awed and amazed at what we are willing to do to correct the problem. We even compensate our customers for aggravating problems that were not our fault, such as delivery foul-ups.  Because we own the factory, we can fix or replace things better and faster than any retailer. Some of our most enthusiastic reviews are from customers who started with a problem of one kind or another.

6.  Simplicity Sofas is the only furniture company that contacts every one of its customers after the furniture has been delivered in order to make sure that there are no minor (or major) problems that need to be addressed.

7.  Simplicity Sofas is the only furniture company ever to be designated a “Beloved Company” by nationally recognized author and customer service authority Jeanne Bliss.  There are currently fewer than 100 “Beloved Companies” in the U.S.  Other companies who have received this honor include Zappos, Southwest Airlines and Harley-Davidson.

8.  Customers have constant access to the company’s customer service people.  There is a customer service hotline available 24/7 which is manned by real people more than 90% of the time.  If you do not get someone right away just leave a message and you will receive a call back within 2 hours (or less.)

Our Extreme Customer Service is one of our most important marketing tools.  Everybody knows that unhappy customers discourage their friends from buying at the same place.  On the other hand when a customer has an experience that is far better than anything they expected, they go out of their way to tell everyone they know about their wonderful experience.

Simplicity Sofas markets its products through word of mouth.  A very high percentage of our customers receive service that is so exceptional they become volunteer salespeople for us, sending new customers and returning to buy additional furniture or accessories for themselves.

At the same time, we have never allowed anybody to end up as an “unhappy customer.”  No matter how serious a problem is, we take care of it. The vast majority of our “unhappy” customers end up as enthusiastic evangelists for our company, returning for additional purchases and recommending us to their friends and family.  The few customers we are unable to satisfy receive full refunds.

Jeff Frank, Owner

Simplicity Sofas


2 Responses to “About the Company”
  1. Tanya says:

    Good afternoon I haven’t made a purchase yet, but I was wondering if in the future would you start selling some of the furniture as sets. Like a sofa, chair and ottoman as a set that’s a little less than buying each piece separately. Also how’s the prototype for the sectional coming? Still trying to wait for it. Thanks for taking time to read and listen.

  2. admin says:

    If you call us at our toll free #800-813-2889, we will be happy to help you select a set within your budget and work with you to make it happen! You will find our Customer Service is personable and willing to make your dream room or dream home come to life.

    The sectional is getting lots of requests! I spoke with the designer on a shoot last week for “Made in NC” – – a show that airs on FOX Network and we talked about putting together a two-piece sectional and a piece with an ottoman extension. More details to come!

    Thank you so much for your interest. Have you ordered free swatches yet? I absolutely recommend you do so. We look forward to speaking with you. Give us a call toll free #800-813-2889.

    My best,

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