May 2014

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May 2014
Decorating with Flea Market Finds

Many of us have that little bit of the DIY in us as well as a good imagination. By using our time and a little effort, we can change just about anything old into something new that looks great for just a few dollars.

Here are a few ideas:
Paint and some square mirrors transformed this old end table.

end table before end table after

Before                                                                     After

old buckets

Just by putting a set of three and some baby’s breath gives these old buckets new life.

Here’s an old TV cabinet transformed into a cute secretary. – Southern living

Before n after secretary

chair before and after

Faux bamboo chair had caning in disrepair. Reupholstered seat with a skirt and a new upholstered back turned this into a cute little chair. – Southern living

Barrel back chair had water damage and split wood at the seams, even with all that it had an airy feel. With some patching and repairing of the frame, some creamy white paint and new velvet fabric makes this a great accent. – Southern Living


This rocker was in a pile to be set on fire. It was made of good solid wood and just needed a home. New paint and upholstery turned this from trash to a little girl’s treasure in her cottage style bedroom. – Lisa’s Creative Designs

Old rockers

I love this one!
Turn an antique dresser into a bathroom vanity!

dresser to vanity ant dresser to vanity


An old mirror, bottles and statue with a few accessories makes this a soft and peaceful mantel. Add some shells & coral for a great beach house look!

Old mirror and accessories

April 2014

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Simplicity Sofas Talks Spring!
Let’s brighten up our spaces for spring and summer!
In our April newsletter we talked about adding slipcovers, changing out your throw pillows, curtains and area rugs to brighten up our space. Here are a few more ideas that can make a difference.
Have a fireplace? Clean it out and put a vase with flowers or candles in it.

firescreenbrickfernsoliving[1]  firescreencolorfulbhg[1]  51afae6374c5b60f450006d0._w.540_s.fit_[1]

Put away the fireplace tools and wood carriers and add plants, flowers or even candles to brighten that dark space.

You can add a colorful fireplace screen, you can purchase one or make one out of old interior window shutters or window. You can just paint it white or if you’re crafty paint some flowers or plants on it.

painted fireplace screen  fireplace screen with shutters  fireplace screen with old window


Pinterest has lots of DIY ideas on these.

Bring in some cut flowers or even branches, put them in a vase and you have a fresh spring look.

vase with fresh cut branches vase with fresh cut branches 2

Rearrange the furniture and swap pieces from other rooms.
Swap out your picture frames for a white, cream or natural color. If you don’t want to swap out the frames, change out the picture mat. Rearrange your bookshelves.
A little spring cleaning and maybe freshen up the paint and you have a new room, ready for spring and summer!

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March 2014

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Sofas, Sectionals and Sleepers for Small & Tight Spaces
Did you ever know someone who ran into this problem?Newsletter March 2014 pics big sofa small room Sofa-too-big

How about this problem?

Newsletter March 2014 pics 4 narrow stairs Narrow stairway2Attic Stairway

Ever try getting a sofa let alone a sleeper up or down these staircases?

Big sofa small stairs  Ever have this problem?

And this problem?

big sofa thru balcony Sofa on lift for window Sofa through window

I have heard from so many customers about these problems and we were able to help them all. One customer sat on a chair for two years because she was unable to get a sofa into her apartment. Another finished her basement and realized she could not get any sofas down the stairs. Her contractor told her he would break open a wall for her to put in a sofa and would reseal it when she was done. More money to be spent and she would have to do it all over again if she ever decided to change her sofa! You can pay someone $500 or more to take apart your sofa and then put it back together. The problem is that the sofa was not meant to be taken apart and will never be the same as when you purchased it.
When purchasing a sofa (especially in areas like NYC) the sales representative should really ask: How wide is your doorway? Do you have narrow or spiral stairway? Do you have an elevator?
Once you make that purchase and they try to deliver it sometimes it’s too late. Some companies will not take back the product, and others will charge you a restocking fee.
I love it when a customer calls and tells me I AM SO GLAD I FOUND YOU!
Simplicity Sofas was designed to fit in an opening of 15” or wider and easy assembly or dis-assembly without any tools in 15 minutes.

Assembly_step_1 (640x480)   Assembly_step2 (640x480)    Assembly_step 3 (640x480)


 Step 1                           Step 2                                      Step 3                 Screw on legs       Insert arms/tighten 3 prong knobs    Lift and attach back                      



Asssembly_step 4 (640x480)                                                        Assembly_Complete (640x480)

Step 4                                   Relax and Enjoy!

Lock in back to arms

Check out our video of an 8 yr. old boy assembling a sofa in less than 5 minutes.
Simplicity Sofas has Sofas in three sizes, Sectionals, Pull out Sleepers and Chairs for Small & Tight Spaces
Sofas are shipped in 3 boxes from our manufacturing facility in High Point, NC via UPS Freight to your home or to your RV in your favorite campground.

RV Ships to your Campsite 2

February 2014

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February 2014 Blog

Need to remodel your RV?  Simplicity Sofas has the answer!
New pull-out sofa beds for Small & Tight Spaces
They will fit through your RV door!!

Christy  Open Room Shot 274x235  Christy Low Res 2347x274

Christy (shown with a full mattress)

Timothy Room Shot (800x584)Jpeg Timothy Open Room Low Res

Timothy (shown with a queen mattress)

I remodeled our 1999 Jayco in two weekends. The original colors were cream with blues and burgundy. I started by purchasing a new sofa (a sofa that fit through my RV door and was an easy install)!

Camper Before Shot of dinette & living 235x314  Ann_s RV Sofa 3 314x235

Before                                    After (New Sofa)!

Anns cropped

Twillo Stone with Twillo Bluestone Welt

Once I put in the new sofa I decided to recover the cornices and make new curtains.
You can see the original ones in the Before picture above.

After living

New covered cornices and curtains
The cornice fabric has cream, brown and a touch of the blue

Next I recovered the bench seats in the same fabric as the cornices. (I actually had someone else cover the bench seats because I hate working with zippers)!
(The bumper parts were covered in a brown fabric with specs of beige and blue)

  Camper Dinette  After dinette 2

As you can see, the difference is like night and day!
The bedroom area was next!

Camper bedroom 2after bedroom 3

I purchased a beige maltase coverlet, brown sham and made the little throw pillow out of
left over fabric from the cornices and curtains.  The cornices in the bedroom are a different
pattern than the main area, I didn’t want them all to be the same.  The bedroom cornice fabric has the same colors as the main area so it all works well together well.


The bathroom

Camper Bath  After bath

I removed the accordian shower door, it just made it seem like I had less interior shower space and replaced it with a shower curtain.  The shower curtain has the same colors as the rest of the camper and just made it useable as well as look much better.  Put in a brown rug in front
of the sink and a hand towel in brown and blue.  I also hung a basket over the toliet to store extra toilet tissue and hand towels.

The kitchen cornice was recovered in a solid brown fabric with specs of beige and blue (same as the bumper areas on the bench seats).  I decided not to hand curtains in that kitchen window.  I added some cute dish towels and area rug in front of the sink as well as in front of the sofa.  That was it!

The next project is to remove the rug from the main living area and replace it with a nice
wood type vinyl.  (This is something my husband is NOT looking forward to)  I will most likely leave the rug on the slide out and in the bedroom area.

With a little imagination and some time you can update your RV TOO!

Redesigning your small space

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January 2014

Redesigning your small space

Now that the holidays are over and all the decorations are put away it’s time to redesign your space.  It could be as simple as just rearranging your furniture.

Stand back and take a good look at the room, does it have a focal point?  That could be a fireplace, wall of windows or an entertainment wall.

You want to arrange the furniture so that you’re facing that focal point.

Blog Jan 2014

You want that to be the first thing people notice when they enter the room. You also want to arrange the sofa(s) and chairs so that it draws you into the room.

Arranging the furniture as a conversation area as above makes it for a more comfortable feel, no one wants to feel they’re sitting across the room from you.



Newsletter Jan 2014 5


Don’t forget about your walls
How about an accent color on one wall or part of a wall?

newsletter pic jan 2014


Nov newsletter 1


slipcovers6 (1)Slipcovered sofa and chairs

You can change the look of your sofa and chairs with slipcovers (Simplicity Sofas has custom fitted slipcovers for all of our pieces) or change out your throw pillows and area rug. Throw pillows are inexpensive and can make a big impact.
(10) Throw pillow Collage

(11) Fabric Shot

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