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Sofas, Sectionals and Sleepers for Small & Tight Spaces
Did you ever know someone who ran into this problem?Newsletter March 2014 pics big sofa small room Sofa-too-big

How about this problem?

Newsletter March 2014 pics 4 narrow stairs Narrow stairway2Attic Stairway

Ever try getting a sofa let alone a sleeper up or down these staircases?

Big sofa small stairs  Ever have this problem?

And this problem?

big sofa thru balcony Sofa on lift for window Sofa through window

I have heard from so many customers about these problems and we were able to help them all. One customer sat on a chair for two years because she was unable to get a sofa into her apartment. Another finished her basement and realized she could not get any sofas down the stairs. Her contractor told her he would break open a wall for her to put in a sofa and would reseal it when she was done. More money to be spent and she would have to do it all over again if she ever decided to change her sofa! You can pay someone $500 or more to take apart your sofa and then put it back together. The problem is that the sofa was not meant to be taken apart and will never be the same as when you purchased it.
When purchasing a sofa (especially in areas like NYC) the sales representative should really ask: How wide is your doorway? Do you have narrow or spiral stairway? Do you have an elevator?
Once you make that purchase and they try to deliver it sometimes it’s too late. Some companies will not take back the product, and others will charge you a restocking fee.
I love it when a customer calls and tells me I AM SO GLAD I FOUND YOU!
Simplicity Sofas was designed to fit in an opening of 15” or wider and easy assembly or dis-assembly without any tools in 15 minutes.

Assembly_step_1 (640x480)   Assembly_step2 (640x480)    Assembly_step 3 (640x480)


 Step 1                           Step 2                                      Step 3                 Screw on legs       Insert arms/tighten 3 prong knobs    Lift and attach back                      



Asssembly_step 4 (640x480)                                                        Assembly_Complete (640x480)

Step 4                                   Relax and Enjoy!

Lock in back to arms

Check out our video of an 8 yr. old boy assembling a sofa in less than 5 minutes.
Simplicity Sofas has Sofas in three sizes, Sectionals, Pull out Sleepers and Chairs for Small & Tight Spaces
Sofas are shipped in 3 boxes from our manufacturing facility in High Point, NC via UPS Freight to your home or to your RV in your favorite campground.

RV Ships to your Campsite 2

Let’s talk Slipcovers!

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If the budget doesn’t allow for all new furniture, there is an alternative. Slipcovers can provide a quick and easy makeover for any room in your home.

Slipcovers are very versatile and you can change the entire color palette of a room.  Dark upholstery pieces that create a warm, inviting atmosphere in the winter months may seem a bit too warm for spring and summer. Solution: Light Colors which can create a cool haven for those hot, humid days.

Do you have kids and pets? Slipcovers can be a relatively inexpensive way to extend the life of your new furniture. Just think, when the kids head off to college, you can whip off the slipcover and have a brand-new sofa!

Ready-made slipcovers are available in most home-decor stores and catalogs, but will not fit like a custom fitted slipcover.  They come in a variety of styles and sizes. Custom fitted slipcovers are also an option from Simplicity Sofas, but only for our sofas, chairs and sectionals.  The great feature of a custom fitted slipcover is that you do not need to tuck in the fabric every time you get up.  The main part of the slipcover fits over the entire base and each cushion has its own cover.  The pictures below explain it all.

Slipcover base eml lrg  Main slipcover

Slipcover Cushions eml lrg  Cushion covers

Slipcover complete eml lrg  Relax & enjoy!

Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to use color in your slipcovers when designing your space.  A festive red sofa with patterned slipcovers for an extra splash of color.  Lightly painted walls and open windows create an open airy space.

Below are several pictures of slipcovers and styles

Photos and article HGTV (Shari Hiller is co-author with Matt Fox of Real Decorating for Real People.) and Simplicity Sofas

slipcovers orange 235x314   Brandon style slipcovers 235x314

slipcover8 314x235 slipcovers7 314x235

slipercover9  Slipcovers3 235x314


 slipcover yellow eml lrg Lorelei_CMYK (640x480)


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Have a small space and always dreamed of a sectional?

You DON’T need to give up your dreams.

All Sectionals can be rearranged in a matter of minutes and will fit thru any opening of 15” or wider. Additional Armless pieces can be added as needed or removed and can be used as Armless chairs. The “L” can be moved from left to right in just a few minutes just in case  you want to place it in another room or if you move and need a different layout.  It can be taken apart and reassembled over and over without damaging the integrity of the pieces.   All units are 30.5” deep and 35” high.

If you want a lot of seating with more open space the sectional is the way to go.  Here are several pictures showing sectionals from a 4 piece to an 11 piece.

4 piece L-Shape Sectional measures only 6.84’ x 4.92’    6 Piece Sectional 6.92’ x 8.84’ 

                              Standard Corner Unit                                            Standard Corner Unit

Lorelei 4 PC Sectional       DSCN0036

6 Piece plus Large Storage Ottoman        7 Piece U-Shape Sectional plus Bumper/Ottoman

Standard Corner Unit                                             Both Wedge & Standard Corner Units

Shannon's sectional 2  DSCN0280

Ottoman & Bumper/Ottoman can be moved 



5 Piece 6.84’ x 6.84’                  11 Piece 16.84’ x 8.84’   The largest one we’ve built yet!

Standard Corner Unit                                                          Standard Corner Unit

5 piece sectionalLarge mancave sectional

These are 7 Piece plus Bumper/Ottoman

Both Wedge & Standard Corners

Picture of left side Wedge Corner                         Picture of right side Standard Corner

DSCN0280 DSCN0281

Sectional Units

Wedge Corner Unit  42” w

Wedge Corner creates extra seating & leg room

 Wedge corner wedge corner individual shot

Standard Corner Unit 30” w

standard corner individual shotblue sectional corner unit

Left Arm Unit 28”                      Armless Unit 23”                   Right Arm Unit 28”

 sectional right arm unit  sectional armless unit   sectional left arm unit

Small Space Living Tips

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Simplicity Sofas loves small living spaces. We don’t shy away from a challenge. We’ve never been defeated by a narrow hallway or a twisted stairway. Recently, we sold our 2,500th Simplicity Sofa without one single customer complaint!

In the years we’ve been serving small space dwellers, we’ve learned a lot about how all of you are living small, but not FEELING small. Here are a couple of tips on how to make your small space bigger courtesy of our pal Nike Onile over at her blog Eight Hundred Sq. Ft. from her recent blog post, “Small Space Solutions – 8 Rules for Stylish Living in 800 sq. ft'”

Small Sofas for Small Spaces

#1 Fill your space with right size furniture.
Living in an apartment, condo, or loft requires scaled down furntiure. Here you see our award winning Megan sofa. This stylish, comfortable sofa is perfect for your small space. Pictured above is the Megan apartment size sofa: Dimensions are 68Wx34Dx35H. Apartment dwellers love this sofa as we see in this testimonial:

“I just had the greatest experience with this company, Simplicity Sofas. I am thrilled with my new sofa. The quality is wonderful, they were great to work with guiding me through the process throughout, and it really did only take me 15 minutes to assemble my sofa. It is a full size sofa that I was able to fit through a very narrow doorway. It is not like other modular pieces of furniture I’ve owned that were more of “recreation room” quality. This is a first rate piece of furniture. Luxurious and manufactured with quality materials. I’m so glad I found them.”

Laurene G.

#2 Use Vertical Space Stand in the middle of your living space and look up.
Chances are you’ll see lots of unused space you could take advantage of that would make your home appear and feel larger.


#3 Lights and Mirrors
Lights and mirrors are essential to the person living in a small space. Mirrors give the appearance of more space and interesting lighting make use of reflective surfaces and add style and glamour to you home.


Go RVing, Small Space is Unlimited …

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Simplicity Sofas 5 wheelerI have been watching my Dad enjoy his retirement . He’s recently taken up RVing and he’s having the time of his life with friends and family along the way. Fuel prices as they are, these guys do not spend their well-earned retirement money on much else. Why sit at home when you can take your friends and family wherever you want to go in a convenient, safe and economical way; without the burden of airline hassles, hotel prices and rental car disappointments?

Get on the road again …  Simplicity Sofa 5 wheel install
and furnish your surroundings the way my Dad did with his RV! He got the most of his seating environment by installing quality Ready-To-Assemble furniture. I hope to show you how to be more comfortable, on your way to getting to your destination and I really want to know about your experiences once you’re there. Simplicity Sofas is the leading manufacturer of furniture that fits in small spaces. You can take a look at their collections of stylish, durable, and functional and see for yourself why Simplicity Sofas is the leader in sofas and sectionals for small spaces.

Did you know?
You can take an RV places I never would have imagined and with a little help from Simplicity Sofas, you can furnish it comfortably, too. Dad’s making the most of it and enjoying these places. If you are really into RVing, you have already researched the multitude of destination travel; or you are one who has been there, done that and wants to do it again!

What a trip!!

Add furniture to your small spaceWe would like to hear about your RV experiences here, too!! Do you want to know more about retrofitting your RV for space planning, seating and a more comfortable lifestyle while traveling this way? Let us know. Simplicity Sofas has the answers to your RV or, even your boating needs. Yes, my Dad just did buy a “small cruising boat” and he is installing a small apartment sofa and love seat in the cabins. — You know, the two best days in a boat owner’s life?

Check back later on that one.

For now – Happy RVing and let us know your story! Do you have photos to share? Send them or a link to them so we can place them here!!

I am just happy that my Dad is RVing now and has used this product to create additional room for the RV small space. Send me pictures of your RV space and I can help you create a place that you can “retire and ride.”

Please don’t tell Dad I wrote an article about him and his adventures. I just wanted to share this with enthusiast like you.


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