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Winter coziness has opened its windows to Spring and Summer liveliness and Simplicity Sofas is excited about helping you bring color and functionality to your lifestyle. It’s no secret that the housing market is down right now and people are looking for new and exciting ways to make their existing homes or small apartments their havens.

Adding some color to your life and continuing to create an inviting space that you can enjoy with friends and family during these wonderful seasons will make all the difference.

Simplicity Sofas can help you brighten up your space for the Spring and Summer months and make it bloom inside with easy-to-assemble quality furniture, new fabric selections and colorful slipcovers.

Brandon CollectionIf you’re thinking about purchasing a new sofa, love seat or chair, keep in mind these can become some of your more versatile pieces by adding brightly colored slipcovers.

We took the Brandon sofa, chair and ottoman, covered them in slipcovers of green and blue hues – – bringing the colors of the outdoors in. It made the room cheery and welcoming for the ensuing Spring and Summer months, reflecting the green of the grass and the blue of the sky…

Here’s just a few quick tips –

1. Accent your new furniture by moving some accessories or artwork from one room to another creating a simple, but new look.

2. Paint something: Whether it’s just some old baskets or pots you use for indoor plants and flowers, adding a little bit of color will lighten up your day.

3. Update those dark picture frames with colorful spray paint to match your new decor.

4. If it’s time to clean out the fireplace, do it and try putting a decorative flower arrangement or colorful candles inside instead.

What a difference just a few things can make!

If you have other ideas you’d like to share to brighten up your small apartment or would like more ideas, just let us know!

Need a Boat Sofa? Come Aboard!

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Need a Boat Sofa? All Aboard!

A sailboat, houseboat or sea cruiser may sometimes seem a little small in comparison to the vast waters we choose to navigate, but when it comes to comfort and outfitting her in style, Simplicity Sofas has the answer to  marine seating and sleeper sofas for your boating lifestyle.

As a boater, there are few better things to do than maneuver in style and comfort on any waters, regardless of your type of boat. That’s where Simplicity Sofas can meet your needs and accommodate you with boat sofas, chairs and sleeper sofas. Boat sofas, couches and other seating from Simplicity Sofas are available online or in our showroom located in High Point, NC. Sofas for boats are manufactured by Simplicity Sofas, Inc. in High Point, NC and come in 5 different styles and 6 sizes. They are all available through the website and come in a selection of 70 different fabrics.

All pricing is listed on the website and range from $599 to $999 for standard couches and sleeper sofas.

What Makes Simplicity Sofas Ideal for Boats?

All Aboard!

Simplicity Sofas seating is the highest quality Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) upholstered furniture in the world. All of the sofas and chairs are shipped in 3 heavy-duty cartons and are guaranteed to fit through any opening larger than 12 inches in width. All sofa and chair frames are made from 100% solid oak and come with a lifetime warranty. Before you make any decisions about the interior of your boating lifestyle, make sure you check out Simplicity Sofas full line of seating options.

Check out our satisfied customer testimonials:

Yes, we received the sofa. It is beautiful, and we love it! I was amazed at the quality of the construction, and at how easy it was to put together. It took longer to unpack the pieces from the boxes than it did to assemble it. We had the whole thing together and were sitting on it in less than ten minutes. It’s very comfortable, and will work well in our space. Because we are installing it on a boat, we needed something that could fit through a narrow pilot house door. We are both very pleased not to be stuck with a futon, but to have a real piece of comfortable furniture. This is the only way we could have furnished our boat, and we’re glad we found your website. I would not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone. Thank you for your prompt, friendly service.

Karina G.

Bremerton, WA.

View more testimonials from satisfied customers here: We love it!

Go RVing, Small Space is Unlimited …

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Simplicity Sofas 5 wheelerI have been watching my Dad enjoy his retirement … who has recently taken up RVing and, I must say, he and his friends and the family are having the times of their life. Fuel prices as they are, these guys do not spend their well-earned retirement money on much else. Why sit at home when you can take your friends and family wherever you want to go in a convenient, safe and economical way; without the burden of airline hassles, hotel prices and rental car disappointments?

Get on the road again …  Simplicity Sofa 5 wheel install
and furnish your surroundings the way my Dad did with his RV! He got the most of his seating environment by installing quality Ready-To-Assemble furniture. I hope to show you how to be more comfortable, on your way to getting to your destination and I really want to know about your experiences once you’re there…

Did you know?
You can take an RV places I never would have imagined and with a little help from Simplicity Sofas, you can furnish it comfortably, too. Dad’s making the most of it and enjoying these places. If you are really into RVing, you have already researched the multitude of destination travel; or you are one who has been there, done that and wants to do it again!

What a trip!!

Add furniture to your small spaceWe would like to hear about your RV experiences here, too!! Do you want to know more about retrofitting your RV for space planning, seating and a more comfortable lifestyle while traveling this way? Let us know. Simplicity Sofas has the answers to your RV or, even your boating needs. Yes, my Dad just did buy a “small cruising boat” and he is installing a small apartment sofa and love seat in the cabins. — You know, the two best days in a boat owner’s life?

Check back later on that one.

For now – Happy RVing and let us know your story! Do you have photos to share? Send them or a link to them so we can place them here!!

I am just happy that my Dad is RVing now and has used this product to create additional room for the RV small space. Send me pictures of your RV space and I can help you create a place that you can “retire and ride.”

Please don’t tell Dad I wrote an article about him and his adventures. I just wanted to share this with enthusiast like you.

Consider This Before Buying a Sofa

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Are you shopping for your new living room suite or looking for an apartment sofa to fit in just the right space? There are a few things to consider as you begin your search. Obviously, the first thing you think of is style.

Which style of furniture inspires you – traditional, contemporary, or a more versatile transitional look? If you’re not sure, take a look in your closet which reveals a lot about who you are by the clothes you wear. My closet is a mixture of designer deals that I found at department stores and shabby chic shirts and jackets from little boutiques or catalogs. If you can’t quite define your style, that’s OK too. As you are looking for your apartment sofa for your studio or living room, you will start to realize what inspires you.

One of the MOST important things to consider when looking for furniture is – Will it FIT on the elevator, up my stairs, around the corner and through the door? I can not tell you how many times I have heard stories of someone buying a sofa and having it delivered, only to realize that when they got it home, it simply would not fit. You won’t have that problem with Simplicity Sofas, as they are shipped in three boxes and assemble in 15 minutes with no tools required.

Consider quality and warranties. Is the frame made of solid hardwoods or particle board? Do the frames have a lifetime warranty?

Also consider design options. Can the pieces be slipcovered? How many coordinating fabrics are available from which to choose? Does the company offer pet-proof fabrics? Can they offer complimentary design advice?

We pride ourselves in offering advice on furniture construction, room planning and color coordination. Please leave us a comment or question you may have and we will be happy to answer it. Chances are, there are a lot of people wondering the same thing as you. We’re here to help! Check back often as we update this section with furniture tips and articles to help educate you about your furniture purchases and caring for your furniture.

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