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Have a small space and always dreamed of a sectional?

You DON’T need to give up your dreams.

All Sectionals can be rearranged in a matter of minutes and will fit thru any opening of 15” or wider. Additional Armless pieces can be added as needed or removed and can be used as Armless chairs. The “L” can be moved from left to right in just a few minutes just in case  you want to place it in another room or if you move and need a different layout.  It can be taken apart and reassembled over and over without damaging the integrity of the pieces.   All units are 30.5” deep and 35” high.

If you want a lot of seating with more open space the sectional is the way to go.  Here are several pictures showing sectionals from a 4 piece to an 11 piece.

4 piece L-Shape Sectional measures only 6.84’ x 4.92’    6 Piece Sectional 6.92’ x 8.84’ 

                              Standard Corner Unit                                            Standard Corner Unit

Lorelei 4 PC Sectional       DSCN0036

6 Piece plus Large Storage Ottoman        7 Piece U-Shape Sectional plus Bumper/Ottoman

Standard Corner Unit                                             Both Wedge & Standard Corner Units

Shannon's sectional 2  DSCN0280

Ottoman & Bumper/Ottoman can be moved 



5 Piece 6.84’ x 6.84’                  11 Piece 16.84’ x 8.84’   The largest one we’ve built yet!

Standard Corner Unit                                                          Standard Corner Unit

5 piece sectionalLarge mancave sectional

These are 7 Piece plus Bumper/Ottoman

Both Wedge & Standard Corners

Picture of left side Wedge Corner                         Picture of right side Standard Corner

DSCN0280 DSCN0281

Sectional Units

Wedge Corner Unit  42” w

Wedge Corner creates extra seating & leg room

 Wedge corner wedge corner individual shot

Standard Corner Unit 30” w

standard corner individual shotblue sectional corner unit

Left Arm Unit 28”                      Armless Unit 23”                   Right Arm Unit 28”

 sectional right arm unit  sectional armless unit   sectional left arm unit

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