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A small sunroom is perhaps one of the most challenging areas to decorate in a home. There are many reasons for this and most of them relate to size restrictions and theme. Most people like to decorate their small sunroom in a particular style and this means that the furniture must also follow a similar theme. Traditional furniture choices usually get dismissed early simply because they are either too large to fit into the small sunroom or, because they do not keep with the feel and decor of the room.smal sofas for small sunrooms

This is the reason that many people end up going with cheap wicker furniture or outdoor options in their small sunroom. Fortunately, there are small sunroom furniture options out there that offer you the comfort of a traditional small sofa, while still keeping with whatever theme you decide upon.

For a small sunroom, you should first nail down the function of the room. It makes no sense to pick the furniture or even the decor before you know how you wish to actually use the room. Are you planning on using the room as a green room of sorts? In other words, are you going to keep live plants in the small sunroom? Is the sunroom going to be used as a getaway for your family? Is comfort or space more important to you? How many people do you think you will entertain in your sunroom most often? All of these are questions that you should consider before choosing your furniture for your small sunroom.

In all likelihood you will want to have the most seating possible while still keeping enough space that the room does not seem crowded. This is where you are likely going to discover that traditional furniture is not really made for the small sunroom setup. Fortunately, we here at Simplicity Sofas have some great options available to you that keep you from having to sacrifice space, quality or flexibility. Here are several small sunroom furniture ideas that you can draw upon to overcome your space problems:

Lorelei Apartment SofaSimplicity Sofas offers stunning apartment sofas that are usually perfect for the average sunroom. They come in five styles and measure 54 inches in between the arms of the sofa. This is a fantastic way to add seating to your small sunroom. Best of all, our sofas comes in three pieces; so fitting this apartment sofa into your small sunroom will be a breeze. All of Simplicity Sofas apartment sofas are easily assembled within 15 minutes with no tools, and they are top of the line in quality. Click here to see the specifics of these wonderful apartment sofas and the various styles that you can choose.

sectionalsilo1Another great small sunroom option from Simplicity Sofas is the sensational sectional. This sectional sofa gives you that little bit of flexibility that you need to truly make your sunroom your own. Have you ever thought about how nice it might be to set up seatingĀ all along the windows of your small sunroom? This sectional sofa can do just that and do it with incredible style. Each piece can be assembled in 5 minutes or so and also can be mixed and matched to create the perfect configuration for your small sunroom. The sensational sectional can also be moved into your small sunroom easily as each piece is small enough to manage most any doorway or stairway. Click here for more information about our sensational sectionals.

Adam_Chair_White_SwirlsIf your small sunroom is going to be more along the line of a private room, then you might consider our chairs or loveseats. These are ideal options for people that want limited seating, but maximum comfort. You can view our loveseats here and our chairs here. Ottomans also make wonderful additions to sunrooms because they are easily stored anywhere and allow for simple seating additions or comfort when they are needed. To view our ottoman collection, you can click here.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, Simplicity Sofas will be happy to refund your entire purchase — shipping included. This commitment to customer service is not only reflected in the refund policy, however. Simplicity Sofas is available to you around the clock, and delivers your furniture with care and precision. They stay in touch with you before, during and after the sale. You will never be out of the loop with your purchase from Simplicity Sofas. We guarantee your happiness.

All of these wonderful small sunroom options would be great additions and would certainly fit in with any theme that you decided to go with. Because of the large number of options available in fabrics and colors, you can literally have these custom made to fit your idea of the perfect small sunroom seating. No longer do you need to settle for wicker furniture or outdoor furniture options. Why should you sacrifice your comfort? Simplicity Sofas makes it easy to have it all!

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