Go RVing, Small Space is Unlimited …

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Simplicity Sofas 5 wheelerI have been watching my Dad enjoy his retirement … who has recently taken up RVing and, I must say, he and his friends and the family are having the times of their life. Fuel prices as they are, these guys do not spend their well-earned retirement money on much else. Why sit at home when you can take your friends and family wherever you want to go in a convenient, safe and economical way; without the burden of airline hassles, hotel prices and rental car disappointments?

Get on the road again …  Simplicity Sofa 5 wheel install
and furnish your surroundings the way my Dad did with his RV! He got the most of his seating environment by installing quality Ready-To-Assemble furniture. I hope to show you how to be more comfortable, on your way to getting to your destination and I really want to know about your experiences once you’re there…

Did you know?
You can take an RV places I never would have imagined and with a little help from Simplicity Sofas, you can furnish it comfortably, too. Dad’s making the most of it and enjoying these places. If you are really into RVing, you have already researched the multitude of destination travel; or you are one who has been there, done that and wants to do it again!

What a trip!!

Add furniture to your small spaceWe would like to hear about your RV experiences here, too!! Do you want to know more about retrofitting your RV for space planning, seating and a more comfortable lifestyle while traveling this way? Let us know. Simplicity Sofas has the answers to your RV or, even your boating needs. Yes, my Dad just did buy a “small cruising boat” and he is installing a small apartment sofa and love seat in the cabins. — You know, the two best days in a boat owner’s life?

Check back later on that one.

For now – Happy RVing and let us know your story! Do you have photos to share? Send them or a link to them so we can place them here!!

I am just happy that my Dad is RVing now and has used this product to create additional room for the RV small space. Send me pictures of your RV space and I can help you create a place that you can “retire and ride.”

Please don’t tell Dad I wrote an article about him and his adventures. I just wanted to share this with enthusiast like you.


5 Responses to “Go RVing, Small Space is Unlimited …”
  1. jonathan says:

    I just ran across this blog. I am an avid enthusiast of RVing. I want to tell you that I will pass this information along to others. Thank you for posting this.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Jonathan! Thanks for checking out our blog! Please send it on to your friends! I would like to help anyone who wants to retrofit their RV with this furniture and help to get them comfortable. You can reach me through the Contact Us link! http://www.simplicitysofas.com/Contact_Us.php

    Thanks again for writing. Happy RVing.

  3. Kandy says:

    We live in AZ in the winter to get away from MN cold. As with many of us from the midwest, we live in Park Model trailers that are about the size of a large motorhome. These are permanently placed in retirement resorts. Finding furniture to fit is a challenge especially sleeper sofas (as we get alot of company). Your sofas with the sleeper option looks intriguing and would offer better choices of style and fabric than what we have seen. I am anxious to get my catalog and fabric samples.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Kandy,
    I am sure you will be pleased with the catalog, the sofas and the sleeper sofa option. Make sure you check out the other seating options, all designed to fit through small spaces. Thanks for ordering the catalog and the fabric swatches.

    Please contact us if you have any questions at all.

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