New Fabric Choices at Simplicity Sofas

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Fabric SwatchesWhy is it important to purchase fabric swatches? Fabric swatches allow you to touch and feel the fabric and compare colors you’re considering for your home.

They are also helpful to bring with you to the paint store or when shopping for the finishing touches and additional decorations.

Since colors and textures vary, having a swatch of the fabrics you like is a great tool to put your pieces together. This way you can see how the fabrics work together. There are lots of fabric choices out there today, from natural fabric like cotton to man-made fabric such as rayon, which is why we offer so many selections here at Simplicity Sofas.

Another thing to remember is the fabric should compliment the style of the furniture and add to its character. You will also want to be aware of the room size as you don’t want to choose an overwhelming pattern for a small space. Make sure the fabric fits the mood of the room too – is it warm or cool? Don’t choose a fabric just for its color alone, be sure to use something fitting for the room and atmosphere. Always remember you must love the fabric. Since you are spending time and money on your upholstered piece, make sure you find fabric you will enjoy for many years to come.

Robert Allen FabricsJust In Time For Spring!
We’re freshening up our fabric collections and are excited about the arrival of more than 60 new fabrics – over 200 in total!

You can order up to 8 free swatches, which will allow you to touch and feel the fabric and help you to visualize the swatches in your home.

Brand new this year are 8 new Robert Allen fabrics that we’re very excited about. View the collection here.

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