Small Space Living Tips

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Simplicity Sofas loves small living spaces. We don’t shy away from a challenge. We’ve never been defeated by a narrow hallway or a twisted stairway. Recently, we sold our 2,500th Simplicity Sofa without one single customer complaint!

In the years we’ve been serving small space dwellers, we’ve learned a lot about how all of you are living small, but not FEELING small. Here are a couple of tips on how to make your small space bigger courtesy of our pal Nike Onile over at her blog Eight Hundred Sq. Ft. from her recent blog post, “Small Space Solutions – 8 Rules for Stylish Living in 800 sq. ft'”

Small Sofas for Small Spaces

#1 Fill your space with right size furniture.
Living in an apartment, condo, or loft requires scaled down furntiure. Here you see our award winning Megan sofa. This stylish, comfortable sofa is perfect for your small space. Pictured above is the Megan apartment size sofa: Dimensions are 68Wx34Dx35H. Apartment dwellers love this sofa as we see in this testimonial:

“I just had the greatest experience with this company, Simplicity Sofas. I am thrilled with my new sofa. The quality is wonderful, they were great to work with guiding me through the process throughout, and it really did only take me 15 minutes to assemble my sofa. It is a full size sofa that I was able to fit through a very narrow doorway. It is not like other modular pieces of furniture I’ve owned that were more of “recreation room” quality. This is a first rate piece of furniture. Luxurious and manufactured with quality materials. I’m so glad I found them.”

Laurene G.

#2 Use Vertical Space Stand in the middle of your living space and look up.
Chances are you’ll see lots of unused space you could take advantage of that would make your home appear and feel larger.


#3 Lights and Mirrors
Lights and mirrors are essential to the person living in a small space. Mirrors give the appearance of more space and interesting lighting make use of reflective surfaces and add style and glamour to you home.


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