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Simplicity Sofas on How to Choose the Right Fabric Type

When shopping for fabrics, you’ll find a vast array of different patterns, textures, abrasion factor and fiber contents to select from. But your choice will come down to two basic fabric types: natural fabrics and man-made fabrics. We talked about most of our options in our newsletter, but here is a couple more.


One of the most significant innovations in fabric technology in recent years is the advent of “Microfibers”.  When microfibers are used for home decor, the term “microfiber” is often used interchangeably with “microsuede” but there are some differences.

They come in a wide variety of colors and textures..  They drape beautifully and are soft and washable – perfect for almost any room in your home. These are my favorite!

Altima_Latte  Carlyle_Wedgewood  Fairview_Cashew  Geo_Sterling

Altima Latte                   Carlyle Wedgewood            Fairview Cashew             Geo Stirling
Nylon Microfiber              Polyester                          Nylon Microfiber              Microdenier
(Kid-Proof)                                                                        (Kid-Proof)

Textured Microfibers

Twillo_BlazeRed     Twillo_Marine    Pippa-Navy

Twillo Blaze Red                     Twillo Marine                       Pippa Navy
(Pet-Friendly)                         (Pet-Friendly)                      (Kid-Proof)

What is Microfiber

Microfibers a rapidly growing category of fabrics. The term “Microfiber” is short for “Microdenier” fiber, which are ultrafine fibers that are less than 1 denier in size. Most micofibers are finer than the most delicate traditional silk fibers. In fact, microfibers are approximately 100 times finer than human hair!!!

Microfiber Fabrics can consist of polyester, nylon, rayon, acetate or a combination of those fibers and can be made to resemble many traditional fabrics including silks, suedes, twill or duck (denim-like) and more.

Microfiber versus Microsuede

One of the first Microfiber fabrics in 1980’s was “Ultrasuede”. Since then many companies have developed microsuede fabrics. Microsuedes are usually 100% polyester and look like suede.


Montana_Buff MacroSuede_Magenta Montana_Navy Vevi_Suede_Celery

Montana Buff                Macrosuede Magenta           Montana Navy         Vevi Suede Celery

Advantages of Microfiber Fabrics

Since they are very fine, microfibers can be tightly woven or knit into a very high quality fabric. The denseness of the fibers in the fabric leads to many desirable characteristics.

Microfibers are usually:

Very Drapeable yet not flimsy;
Soft with a luxurious hand;
Washable, dry cleanable;
High Strength (except Rayon)
Water Resistant (water tends to bead up and run off);
More “Breathable” than Similar Fabrics made from traditional materials;
Opaque (you usually can’t see through them);
Resist “Pilling” and Clinging;
Fade Resistant (take and hold dye well)
Lighter in weight than Similar “Traditional” Fabrics yet stronger and more durable



La Jolla Platinum

Acrylic: resists wear, lightweight

Developed as imitation wool, acrylic resists wrinkling, soiling and fading. Low-quality acrylic may tend to pill excessively in high-wear situations. Better-quality acrylics are manufactured to resist pilling. (Sunbrella is a good example of acrylic durability.)

What Is a Fabric Grade?

You may have to decide on a fabric grade. Fabric grades typically range from “1” on the less expensive end, to “6”  (or “A” – “F”)on the pricey side.  Depending on the manufacturer, the grade of the fabric can vary.  Intricacy of the weave, fiber content, construction and performance are all variables. But it’s important to note that grade is NOT an indication of quality or durability. It’s just an indicator of how expensive the fabric was to make. The trick is to read the details on the fabric card attached to the swatch and to make your decision accordingly.


Easy to care for and less expensive than leather. Vinyl is a practical choice for busy family rooms and children’s furniture. There are many vinyl fabrics now that look and feel like leather.

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